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bibi® Happiness bottles

With the new all-in-1 Happiness bottles from bibi®, drinking feels almost the same as from mum’s breast. The fine SensoPearls® can support the natural sucking reflex and ensure your baby feels comfortable and secure. With Happiness baby bottles, you can really enjoy your time being a parent, because they’re super-easy to handle.

bibi® Happiness
all-in-1 baby bottles

bibi® all-in-1 Happiness bottles offer the highest quality and maximum sucking comfort, thanks to a well-designed system.


1 – Protective cap

  • Allows you to control how much your baby has left to drink
  • Super practical as a drinking cup too


2 – Screw ring

  • Elegantly designed


3 – Teat

  • Ensures maximum sense of well-being while drinking
  • Soft, rounded, wide silicone teat feels like mum’s breast
  • Wide lip rest for a natural lip position (like drinking from the breast)
  • SensoPearls® on the teat imitate the feeling of mum’s breast


4 – Bottle

  • Bottle opening is compatible with leading breats pumps
  • The unique recessed grip and the bottle shape provide a safe, comfortable hold on the bottle while feeding
  • Made from resistant plastic


5 – Funnel

  • Super practical for quick bottle preparation at night time
  • Perfect at home and on the go

Maximum sucking comfort and lovingly designed motifs


  Teat for tea / breast milk / milk / milk powder

  Teat for tea / breast milk / milk / milk powder

  Teat for tea / breast milk / milk / milk powder

  Teat for puréed foods

4 teat sizes – perfectly adapted
to various growing stages

It’s incredible how quickly a baby grows. His mouth develops very quickly, especially in the first few months.
bibi® Happiness comes in 4 different sizes.