Premium soother line

bibi® Happiness Newborn soothers

Natural or Dental
Happiness Newborn soothers are extra small and ergonomically shaped so our really tiny ones have a feeling of well-being right from the very start.

Design – Development – Production

Teat shapes – Your baby knows its favourite shape

The best shape is the one your baby prefers.
Only with the right shape can your baby relax and suck comfortably.


Specially shaped soother shields

Extra small ErgoComfort Shields

  • The perfect fit for tiny babies
  • Dental: asymmetrical heart shape
  • Natural: symmetrical butterfly shape

Particularly large air vents

  • Even lighter weight
  • Optimal air circulation

Soft SensoPearls®

  • Maximum sensation of well-being
  • They remind baby of mum’s breast

Pleasant material in baby pastel colours

  • Lighter
  • Softer

Specially shaped and extra small soother teats



  • Extra small teats especially for newborns
  • Less volume in their tiny mouth
  • Ergonomic shaft shape for good retention in the mouth
  • Velvety soft & ultra-flexible for perfect sucking comfort
  • Size tattoos for easy repurchasing

Happiness Newborn soothers are perfectly balanced.
Their new teat geometry supports the
natural development of the palate and jaw.